Baclofen Effects in Cigarette Smokers

Brief Description Of Study

The purpose of our research is to study a medication that may help you quit smoking. We also want to learn more about how this medication impacts your response to smoking cues, or reminders in your environment that may cause you to crave cigarettes.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX1004

Detailed Study Description

In this study, the medication (baclofen) is being compared to a placebo, which is a pill that looks like the medication but has no active ingredients. If you qualify for the study, you have a 1 in 2 (50%) chance of receiving the medication. You must be able to make 11 visits over a period of about 10 weeks. Visits: Consent- 1.5 hrs ($25) Physical and Psychological Screening- 2 hours ($25) 1st MRI scan- 4 hrs ($75) Wk 2/3 weekly visit- 30 mins each ($5 each for a returned med pack) 2nd MRI scan @ wk 4 - 3 hrs ($100) Wk 5-8 weekly visit - 30 mins each ($5 each for a returned med pack) Wk 9 Follow-up visit - approx 1 hr ($35) *Plus $6 for travel expenses for each scheduled appointment There are also weekly phone check-ins.

Additional Information About The Study

Please call Nathan at 215-222-3200 ext 188 for more information. We look forward to speaking to you!

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