A brief treatment on PTSD symptoms in pregnancy

Brief Description Of Study

The purpose of this research study is to determine whether a new psychotherapy treatment for partial or mild PTSD symptoms can help alleviate PSTD or accompanying depressive symptoms in pregnant women. Pregnant women without PTSD symptoms are also needed as a comparison population. All healthy, pregnant women up to 34 weeks gestation are invited to screen for study participation.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX1019

Detailed Study Description

Participants will be asked to undergo a screening and baseline visit to determine eligibility. Those who qualify for treatment will receive 4-8 individual sessions with the study psychologist where they will learn stress management skills and fill out questionnaires. All healthy controls will ONLY participate in the initial screening and baseline visits.

Additional Information About The Study

To qualify for this study, subjects must: Be pregnant up to 34 weeks gestation; Have mild or subsyndromal PTSD and able to identify a traumatic life stressor; Be interested in treatment for symptoms of PTSD; NOT be receiving psychotherapy currently. To qualify as a trauma control, subjects must: Be able to identify a traumatic lide stressor with only minimal PTSD symptoms. To qualify as a healthy control, subjects must: Be healthy pregnant women with no history of trauma or trauma-related symptoms.

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