FIT-PLESE: A study for overweight women with unexplained infertility, seeking pregnancy

Brief Description Of Study

FIT-PLESE is a research study to find out the effects of lifestyle modification in obese women with unexplained infertility. Eligible participants will be randomized to either an Intensive Lifestyle Modification Program or a Standard Physical Activity Program for 16 weeks, followed by fertility treatment with ovarian stimulation and intrauterine insemination.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX1037

Detailed Study Description

The FIT-PLESE study includes three phases: lifestyle intervention, infertility treatment, and pregnancy. Phase I will involve randomization to either an Intensive Lifestyle Modification program or a Standard Physical Activity Program. The Intensive Lifestyle Modification Program will consist of an over the counter weight loss drug (Orlistat/Alli), caloric restriction assisted by the use of meal replacements (Nutrisystem), and increased physical activity (monitored by a Fitbit). The Standard Physical Activity Program will consist of increased physical activity alone (monitored by a Fitbit). After completion of the 16 week lifestyle intervention, subjects will receive up to 3 cycles of ovarian stimulation with an oral medication (clomiphene citrate), triggered ovulation with hCG, and a single intrauterine insemination per cycle (Phase II). Subjects who conceive in either Phase I or Phase II will have visits once per trimester and all pregnancies will be followed to completion (Phase III). Participation in this study may take up to 18 months to complete, and may require an average of 17 study-related visits.

Additional Information About The Study

Study subjects will be overweight women (BMI > 30) with unexplained infertility, ages 18-40 years old. Subjects will have normal ovulatory function and normal ovarian reserve. Additionally, eligible couples will have no other major infertility factor: the subject will have at least one patent fallopian tube and normal uterine cavity, and a total motile sperm count of at least 5 million (male partner). Eligibility will be determined prior to randomization and Phase I. Study-related medications, tests, and interventions will be provided to all subjects, at no cost.

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