Interaction of Estrogen and Serotonin in Modulating Brain Activity in Menopause

Brief Description Of Study

The purpose of the study is to look at the relationship between different types of early life issues and how your brain functions as an adult. There is some evidence to show that early life stress can lead to many different types of health outcomes as an adult such as high blood pressure and higher rates of diabetes but we are the first group to study how it effects your memory and attention. This study looks at several different ways stress can effect your brain including how well you perform on memory tests, how you respond to estrogen and your body’s ability to produce serotonin.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX1048

Detailed Study Description

This is about a 3-month study, which we will ask female participants to commit to. After the admission screening process (two 3-hour visits) you will be scheduled for your first two test days, 1 week apart from each other. Each test day begins with the tryptophan depletion process and ends with the fMRI scan, lasting about 8 hours. After your second test day you will begin wearing an Estrogen or placebo patch. After 6 weeks you will come back in for test days 3 and 4 while you are wearing the patch, which are also a week apart from each other. At the end of test day 4 you will find out whether you were on the active or placebo patch and the study doctor will discuss with you future options for treatment, if you are interested.

Additional Information About The Study

Healthy, menopausal women, ages 48-60, will be eligible for this study if they: Have no history of a psychiatric disorder within the last 3 years; Have no substance abuse disorders within the last 3 years; Do NOT have a first-degree relative with a known psychotic disorder; Have not taken hormonal contraceptives for at least 3 months; Are within 10 years and 11 months of their last menstrual period; Are able to give written consent and fluent in written and spoken English; Are right-handed; Are able to provide written documentation of having a normal mammogram and a PAP-pelvic and breast examination; Have a clean urine toxicology screen upon recruitment; Do NOT have a metallic implant; Are NOT claustrophobic; Are NOT smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day.

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