Startle Response in Women with Premenstrual Mood Disorders

Brief Description Of Study

This study examines stress response in women with premenstrual mood changes (PMDs) versus women without PMDs and men. We are looking for women with and without PMDs, and for men. For this study, you will be asked to fill out forms about your physical and mental health, have blood and saliva samples taken, and undergo a test that will measure your stress responses. This is a long-term study, consisting of 4 visits over the course of about 4 months. Compensation will be provided for your time. Women must be experiencing regular menstrual cycles and cannot be using hormonal contraceptives. Participants may not be using psychiatric medications.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX1050

Detailed Study Description

To qualify for this study, you: must be able to give written informed consent; must be fluent in written and spoken English; must have normal or corrected to normal hearing and vision; (females only) must be experiencing regular menstrual cycles (24-39 days)

Additional Information About The Study

Participants CANNOT: have used a psychotropic medication anytime in the past 2 months; have drug or alcohol abuse history within previous two years; have a lifetime history of psychotic disorder including, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, major depression with psychotic features and bipolar disorder; currently be homeless; have a history of any Axis I disorder other than specific phobia within the past 12 months; have suicidal ideation within the previous 6 months; have used steroid hormone or hormonal contraceptive in the past 6 months; (females only) have been pregnant in the past year or be pregnant for the duration of the study; (females only) participants must a reliable, nonhormonal form of birth control during the study.

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