Insights into Impaired Arm Motor Control on Bilateral and Unilateral Functional Activities after Injury: A Kinematic Study

Brief Description Of Study

This study is being performed to assess how certain chronic disabilities - stroke, UE amputation, SCI, CP - differ from healthy subjects in their ability to perform ADLs. By studying the kinematics of the respective cohort of study participants as they are assesed performing common ADLS, our research team aims to better understand how impaired neural pathways, and pathways that have been impaired at various points along the pathway, deleteriously affect ADLs in patients with differing long-term disabilities.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX1179

Detailed Study Description

Participation in the study will include the following steps: 1) Informed Consent: After arrival, subjects will review and sign the consent form with study personnel present. 2 ) Pre-Assessments: A member of the research team will evaluate the subjects' upper extremity and assess their ability to use it. Subjects will be evaluated using a battery of assessments such as, but not limited to, the Box and Block, Pin and Prick, and grip strength using a dynamometer. 3) Break: Subjects will be given a 15 minute break. 4) BiAS passive robot system: Subjects will be introduced to the device and each wrist will be placed on to the end of each robot. As common therapy tasks are performed by the subject, the BiAS devices will collect the data along with the video from 3D Kinect, an ECG and the EEG neuroheadset. After each of the 4 ADL activities, subjects will be asked about their level of exercise and discomfort, if any. After subjects finish all exercises with the BiAS, they will be thanked for their participation in the study. 5) Video and photos may be collected to determine subject quality of ADL movement.

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