Unique Brainstem Biomarkers of Early Parkinson's Disease

Brief Description Of Study

We believe we have a unique biomarker for Parkinson's(PD) that also may be useful to tell apart healthy people, and people with other neurological diseases based on smell tests and blink reflex, and we need more PD and AD patients to further test this. This could help us to diagnose neurological diseases sooner, such as PD, before too much brain damage occurs.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX1382

Detailed Study Description

Participation in the study will include the following steps: 1) Informed Consent: After arrival, subjects will review and sign the consent form with study personnel present. The first hour will consit of a smell test, following by a non-invasive electrophysiology at the level of the brain stem before and after light deprivation of 45 minutes. The test total duration will be 5 hours or less. There are no known side effect of the study. You might have trouble getting around and might get tired easily. We will do everything we can to make your visit easy and comfortable. It is important that you know how much time this study will take you, and decide if you have enough energy to do all of the tests.

Additional Information About The Study

The study will compensate $ 250 USD for 4 hours of your time if you are a Alzeihmer's or Parkinson's patient, and $100 for 4 hours if you are a healthy control. Please contact our Clinical Researcher Coordinator: And, please let me know if you are a healthy control or AD/PD patient. christian.basile@uphs.upenn.edu Cell Phone- 5854902017

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