Medtronic Post-MI Remodeling Prevention Therapy

Brief Description Of Study

The purpose of this clinical study is to determine if electrical pacing can prevent cardiac remodeling (adverse changes in size, shape, and function of the heart) after injury to the heart following a heart attack. Patients who have had their first MI within 10 days of screening and have a CPK (a blood test to determine muscle damage after a heart attack) greater than 3000 will be eligible for consideration. Enrolled patients will be randomized to one of three groups, (1) control- no device will be implanted (2) device implanted and one heart chamber is paced (3) device is implanted and two heart chambers are paced. Individuals both device groups will receive an FDA approved Medtronic Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy with Defibrillator (CRT-D) device. A CRT-D is normally used to treat heart failure in patients with moderate to severe heart failure. After discharge from the hospital subjects will have data collected at 5 outpatient visits over the following 18 months. The devices used will be pulled fro mthe availabel stock in the Cath Lab Storage Area. The study team will maintain an accounting of the number and type of devices used as well as tthe serial number of each device for each subject.

Clinical Study Identifier: 814696

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