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A study to understand how the brain develops and changes in people ages 10 - 30

Brief Description Of Study

The purpose of this study is to examine the brain and behavior as it relates to development and genetics in men and women ages 10 – 30 years old. The project will enroll three study groups: individuals with schizophrenia, individuals at clinical risk for developing psychosis, and healthy controls.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX271

Detailed Study Description

The study wants to understand how the brain works or changes as people grow up. We are interested in brain activity when people perform tasks involving emotions. The results can also help find out who has a sensitive brain that can develop into an illness. This study has two parts. Each part will take about 2 to 3 hours. You can do both parts on the same day or on two different days. This study has two parts: MRI and EEG. Part 1 – MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging): Before this part, you will be asked to do two things to make sure it is safe for you to have an MRI: 1) Answer a few screening questions about how you are feeling and about your medical history to check for any metal in your body. 2) Girls only: Provide a urine sample to check if you are pregnant. A negative pregnancy test will be required to participate in this study. The results of this pregnancy test will not be shared with your parents or others outside the study team. We will only tell your parents if you want us to. If the screening shows it's safe for you to get an MRI, we'll go ahead to the next steps. 1. First, we will train you in a "mock scanner." It looks like the real MRI scanner but doesn't have the magnet inside. This lets you get used to what it's like in the scanner. You will see how it feels to lie down in a narrow space and practice keeping still, which is very important for the scan. This training will take about 20 minutes. 2. Then, after a short break, we will ask you to have the MRI scan. Your will lie still on the scanner bed. We will put cushions around the sides of your head to help keep it from moving. Since the scanner can be very noisy, we will give you earplugs to protect your hearing. We will make sure that you are comfortable. 3. A researcher or technician will slowly slide the scanner bed you are lying on into the scanner with half of your body staying outside the scanner. Once you are inside you will be shown faces on a computer screen and hear sounds and asked to solve problems using a keypad. It is important you try your best on these problems. A camera will track your eye movements. 4. The MRI scanner will be making pictures of your brain that measure brain activity. 5. The MRI scan will take about 1 hour. 6. You can end your participation at any time. You can be heard in the control room on a speaker system. If you tell us that you wish to stop the scanning, a staff member will immediately enter the room and help you exist the scanner. Part 2 – EEG (Electrophysiology) 1. For this part of the study metal-recording discs will be put on your head and held in place by a nylon cap. A water-like gel will be put between each disc and your head. The metal discs will be connected to a recording machine and your brain’s electrical activity will be measured. 2. You will be asked to look at pictures of faces, listen to sounds and push a button to answer. You will be asked to remain still and to keep your eyes from moving during the recording. 3. When the study is finished, the metal discs and will be removed and your head can be cleaned with water.

Additional Information About The Study

You will be paid $100 for your time completing the two parts of the study, $50 for MRI and $50 for EEG. You will also be paid for travel and parking expenses.

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