Extended Duration Varenicline for Smoking among Cancer Patients: A Clinical Trial

Brief Description Of Study

This program involves a study of two different treatments to help individuals with cancer to quit smoking. If you are eligible for this study, you will be randomly chosen to receive one of two types of treatments for smoking: either 12 weeks of varenicline (also known as Chantix), a medication FDA-approved for treating nicotine dependence, or 24-weeks of varenicline. The goal of the study is to test if extended, 24-week treatment with this medication is more effective than standard, 12-week treatment. Participants in both treatment groups will also receive individual smoking cessation counseling.

Clinical Study Identifier: 815687

Detailed Study Description

Being in this study will require up to 7 in-person visits to our center and 4 phone sessions over the next year. The first visit is an Intake Session to assess your final eligibility for the study. If you are eligible, you will take the study medication and complete 7 counseling sessions over the next 24 weeks (6 months). Everyone will take the study medication for 24 weeks, however, half of the participants will receive 12 weeks of varenicline and 12 weeks of placebo (inactive ingredients) and half of the participants will receive a full 24 weeks of varenicline. Following this 24-week treatment period we will ask you to return to the center at weeks 24 and 52 to provide a breath sample to verify your smoking status. At each visit you will also fill out some paper and pencil questionnaires and complete some other safety assessments.

Additional Information About The Study

You will be given $10 for each completed session. You will also be given an additional $10 for every in-person visit to compensate you for your travel. All services offered to you as part of this study, including the medication, will be provided free of charge.

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