Preliminary Evaluation of Septin9 in Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Patients

Brief Description Of Study

The purpose of this research study is to collect blood samples and applicable medical history from subjects diagnosed with hereditary colon cancer syndromes like FAP, Lynch Syndrome and MYK-associated polyposis and their family members. These samples will be used to evaluate the ability of a blood test to provide early detection of colon cancer. By testing these samples, researchers can find out how well one or more test markers works. These markers detect small changes in one or more genes in DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). FAP patients and their family controls participating in the study are followed up clinically and with blood draws at least every 6 months for duration of 2 years. These follow-up might be more frequent, if warranted by the clinical course of the disease in the participating patients. Blood draws in patients should always be accompanied by blood draws in their family member controls. If colectomy is performed, blood draws will occur 7 days(+/- 3days) before and 28 days (+/-7 days) after surgery.

Clinical Study Identifier: 816593

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