T-Cell Response to Vaccination

Brief Description Of Study

The purpose of this study is to see how your body responds to a vaccine and how your body forms a protective response after vaccination. In this study we will use the yellow fever vaccine, an FDA approved vaccine that is commonly given to people traveling to certain parts of Africa and South America.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX4750

Detailed Study Description

The study consists of a screening visit followed by 9 study visits. From the time of screening, you will be in this study for between 8-12 months. The study include: Screening visit (approx 1 hour), Study visit 1 - Luekopheresis (approx 2.5 hours), Study Visit 2 - Vaccination (approx 45 mins), Study Visits 3-8 - Blood Draws (approx 30 mins), Study Visit 9 - Leukopheresis (approx 2.5 hours).

Additional Information About The Study

The compensation for this study is broken down to $25 per visit for first 8 study visits and a $100 bonus for completing all 8 study visits ($300 total). You will receive an additional $100 for completing study visit 9 ($400 total). To participate in this study you must be between 18-65 years old. You may not participate in this study if you have allergies to eggs, latex, or gelatin OR if you have an immune suppressive disease or is taking an immune suppresive medication.

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