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Birth Control Research Study

Brief Description Of Study

This study is being conducted at the University of Pennsylvania to research a hormonal levonorgestrel-releasing contraceptive that is placed in the uterus and is intended to prevent pregnancy, known as LevoCept. This device is experimental and is being developed as a possible method of long-acting reversible contraception. "Experimental" means that LevoCept has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for sale in the United States.

Clinical Study Identifier: TX4753

Detailed Study Description

The study will investigate the safety and effectiveness of LevoCept in preventing pregnancy. We will also be looking at any effects on menstrual cycle periods and bleeding, and assess any side effects. Study participation involves 6 visits over approximately one year, as well as monthly telephone calls and completion of a daily diary chart. Qualified participants: • Healthy women ages 18 - 40 • Have regular menstrual periods • Willing to use the study device as their only method of birth control during the study • Not seeking pregnancy for at least 1 year • Sexually active with a regular male partner Qualified participants will receive: • Medical exams • $50-75 per completed study visit (a maximum of $975 in the first year) • LevoCept IUD

Additional Information About The Study

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