Measurement of Pulmonary Inflammation Using F-NOS Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT) in E-cigarette Users

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Study Overview

This is a 1 – 2 month study examining the extent of lung inflammation between e-cigarette smokers, cigarette smokers, and non-smokers using a new radio tracer, FNOS. FNOS is an experimental radio tracer used to look for inflammation in different parts of the body. The tracer that we will be using has been shown to be safe for use on both humans and animals and allows us to examine the level of inflammation in the lungs. The level of radiation you will be exposed to is very minimal and unlikely to have any effect on you. Although some evidence suggests that e-cigarettes do not affect lung inflammation, there are very few studies that have produced data to support that. The findings of this PET scan will help scientists better understand the effects of e-cigarette smoking on the lungs.

Study Description

To participate in this study, you must 1) be a healthy man or woman, 2) be 18-45 years old to participate, and 3) smoke cigarettes or use an electronic nicotine delivery device (e.g. e-cigarrette/vape). 

**We have met our max enrollment for non-smokers and are no longer enrolling for this category, at this moment**
In this study, you will participate in only 2 visits to be scheduled over the course of approximately 6 weeks
1) a combined consent and screening visit (~3 hours)
2) one PET/CT lung scan (~3 hours)

Additional Information:

Compensation will be provided upon successful completion of each study visit: $50 consent/screen and $150 PET/CT lung scan

  • Study Identifier: 831205

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